Oleg Yurievich Lipchenko‘Where does Oleg Lipchenko’s strength as an artist lie?  It rests in his technical versatility, his complex vision, also in the seamless manner of weaving art history into his oeuvre plus in his ability to engage with a diverse palette of subjects. Memorable compositions, ironic historical references and his superb technical execution all add up to a rarely encountered, profoundly significant talent.’

Peter Alexander Por, sculptor, Articsok Gallery owner








1957 in Bogodukhov / Ukraine

1970-1974 | Art School / Poltava/ Ukraine
1974-1979 | Architectural Faculty / Technical University / Poltava / Ukraine

Oleg Lipchenko, artist, architect, illustrator, designer, and member of the Ukrainian Union of Artists. He studied art in the Art School of Poltava (Ukraine), as well as during his training at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Poltava. Oleg works in the traditional mediums of oil on canvas, pencils, inks, watercolor and acrylic. He was born in Ukraine, lived, studied, and worked there until 1999, when he moved to Canada with his family. Now he lives and works in Toronto, Ontario. In addition to his art skills, he has a diploma in multimedia design from Digital Media Studios, Toronto. His extensive experience in different art techniques and media, and applied arts allowed him to work as a producer, designer and art director with Studio Treasure, an independent publisher. Oleg had several solo exhibitions and has participated in numerous exhibitions in Ukraine, Canada, Germany, France, Austria, and Luxembourg. His artworks are represented in museums, private and corporate collections, such as “Brita”, Euro Parliament. As an illustrator Oleg has achieved certain recognition being a winner of Elizabeth Mrazic-Cleaver Award for his illustrations to Alice in Wonderland.


2016 – TOAE – Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto.

2013 – Artist in residence, Culterra Magica, Tuscany, Italy.

2015 – ‘Rock Around a Year’, Articsok Gallery, Toronto.

2013 – Group show ‘Surrealism for 21st Century’, Articsok Gallery, Toronto.

2013 – ‘Northern Suite’, solo exhibition at Articsok Gallery, Toronto.

2013 – TOAE – Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto. Best of Drawing & Illustration — Honorable Mention.

2013 – Group show, at Articsok Gallery, Toronto.

2012 – TIAF – Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto.

2012 – ‘FREUDOSCOPE’, solo exhibit at Bezpala Brown Gallery, Toronto.

2012 – Illustrated and designed ‘The Hunting of the Snark’.

2010 – Nominated for the 2010 Book of the Year Awards by ForeWord Reviews for illustrations to Humpty Dumpty and Friends (Tundra Books, 2009).

2009 – Illustrated and designed ‘Humpty Dumpty and Friends’ (Tundra Books, 2009).

2009 – Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award for illustrations to ‘Alice in Wonderland’, IBBY Canada

2009 – Illustrated and designed ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’.

2006 – Group show, Jacob’s Gallery, Toronto.

2004 – ‘Bible Fish’, solo exhibition Arta Gallery, Distillery district, Toronto.

2002 – Solo exhibition, Gypsy X Gallery, Toronto.

2000 – Group show ‘Russian Artists in Canada’, Gallery 7, Toronto.

2000 – Group show, Michelangelo Gallery, Toronto.

2000 – Two-Person Exhibition with Pavel Mirzoyan (painter), DeMure Gallery, Toronto.

1998 – Art-Festival, Ukrainian House, Kiev, Ukraine.

1997 – Artists in residence in Miro Gallery, Snina, Slovakia

1996 – Group show, Castle of Hoffbourg, Vienna, Austria.

1995 – All-Ukrainian exhibition in the House of the Artist, Kiev, Ukraine.

1995 – Group show, Euro parliament, Strasbourg, France.

1995 – Membership in the ‘Union of the Artists of Ukraine’.

1994 – Solo exhibition, Euro parliament, Luxembourg.

1994 – Illustrated the book: ‘Katja, Kotja and Artificial Sun’, J.F.Schreiber  Verlag, Austria,

1993 – Solo exhibition in the EuroStat, Jean-Monnet Building, Luxembourg.

1993 – Group show of the Art Group ‘April-91’ in Rathaus of Hoffheim-am-Taunus, Germany.

1992 – Group show, Art Group ‘April-91’, BRITA Gmbh headquarters, Nidenhausen, Germany.

1992 – Group show, Art Group ‘April-91’, Centre ‘Die Scheune’, Geizenheim, Germany.

1991 – Group show, Art Group ‘Green Island’ in Culture Centre, Neue-Isenburg, Germany.

1991 – Group show, Art Group ‘Green Island’ in Dresdner Bank, Wiesbaden, Germany.

1990 – Solo exhibit, Poltava’s Art Museum, Poltava, Ukraine.

1988 – Group show, Art Group ‘Green Island’, Moscow, Russia.

1987 – All-Ukrainian exhibition ‘Picturesque Ukraine’, House of the Artist, Kiev, Ukraine.

1987 – Exhibition of Poltava’s region artists, Poltava Art Museum, Ukraine.

1987 – Exhibition of Kremenchug artists, Art Gallery, Kremenchug, Ukraine.

1987 – Membership in the ‘Young Artist’s Association within the Union of Artists of USSR’.

1987 – All-Ukrainian exhibition of Graphic Arts in the House of the Artist, Kiev, Ukraine.

1987 – Solo exhibition, City Museum, Kremenchug, Ukraine.

1986 – Regional exhibition in City Art Gallery, Poltava, Ukraine.

1985 – Kremenchug artists Exhibition, City Art Gallery, Kremenchug, Ukraine.

Since 1983 – Local and regional exhibitions, Ukraine, USSR